Our communities are designed for real-time knowledge exchange between practitioners in cities who have common challenges building resilience in critical systems or within vulnerable communities. Cities joining our communities will have access to:

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GRCN will curate data driven and systems thinking approaches to support cities in understanding their current situation and prioritizing the necessary policies and actions to build their future.

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GRCN and expert partners will provide tools that enable cities to do ‘more with less’ designing post-crisis investments that deliver multiple benefits.

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GRCN and our partners will link cities with relevant expertise and technical assistance from international, private and non-profit organizations on specific priority themes.


Cities are on the frontlines of the Covid-19 pandemic and local governments are suddenly facing a crisis unprecedent for most. First-hand experiences of how different cities are taking action during the Covid-19 pandemic, and how they are starting to plan for recovery can help government leaders make informed decisions. Recognizing the urgency of sharing practices across regions, GRCN in coordination with The World Bank’s City Resilience Program organized the Cities on the Frontline Speaker Series.

Simultaneously, GRCN has established internal channels of communication that have created an informal sharing environment between a trusted network of peers, which is enabling additional knowledge and emerging good practice to be shared across cities. Through a partnership between The World Bank and GRCN, an online platform is being developed to support peer-to-peer collaboration, where cities and experts will have an opportunity to contribute to real-time experiences emerging around Covid-19 responses and recovery planning.


The Global Resilient Cities Network is partnering with The Circulate Initiative and Ocean Conservancy to provide cities with the knowledge and tools they require to address the immediate need for emergency action to manage waste, and to provide urgent relief for waste workers. As cities begin to execute on their recovery plans, we will work together not only to strengthen waste management systems now, but also to move towards a circular economy that will unlock economic, environmental, and social benefits.

Reducing and managing waste effectively is critical to achieving sustainability and a truly circular economy, yet many cities grapple with inadequate systems for collecting, managing, and processing waste. Now, Covid-19 has exposed underlying vulnerabilities in these systems in new ways and increased risk of systems failure, threatening public health and the environment. In addition, improper management of increasing medical and hazardous waste causes unforeseen ‘knock-on’ effects to public safety.

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